Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week of March 13-17, 2017 . . .

X is for Xtra Green!

We celebrated and learned about Saint Patrick and all that is green.  We also learned about leprechauns, rainbows and the pot of gold.

This week, we . . . 

  • Learned about the letter "X", learned the Jolly Phonics song and (as we do each week) reviewed the previous songs.

  • We read a few books from a series called Let's get Along about how to make good choices that bring us closer to God during lent.  We also read books about Saint Patrick's Day.

  • Did color mixing of yellow and blue to make green
  • Continued exploring the color of the month "yellow" with play dough and also pulled out the green play dough, as well.
  • We watched a video about Saint Patrick and why and how we celebrate.
  • Discussed the symbolism of the Trinity with the 3 leaves of a shamrock and made a project.

  • We made leprechauns and wrote about what kinds of sneaky tricks we would play if we were leprechauns.
  • We made "Leprechaun Traps" to try and catch a Leprechaun. Unfortunately, we didn't catch him or get his pot of gold, but he left us some chocolate gold coins!

  • Because we wanted to leave the traps out, we enjoyed a "carpet picnic" for snack!

  • We went with our 5th Grade Buddies to see the school musical: "The Wizard of Oz".

Table Time Activity ...
Free Choice fun ...

In small groups with Ms. Motto, we . . .

  • Dot Painted "X"
  • Played a St Paddy's Day number recognition game called "4 in a Row"
  • Made a Trinity Shamrock project.
  • Made leprechaun project and wrote about it.

  • Monday is the "First Day of Spring" ... But, the weather still fluctuates.  If it's 30 degrees or above, we'll go outside ... so send please send warm stuff!

  • Mondays - Spirit Wear!
  • Spring Break is March 27th to March 31st. Classes resume Monday, April 3rd.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week of March 6 - 10, 2017 . . .

W is for the World in Space!

What an awesome week learning about Space!  We read books about planets and moon rocks and astronauts and stars.  We even had a guest from NASA who came to talk to us.

This week, we . . .
  • Learned about the letter "W" . . . 
  • Read TONS of books about Space . . . 
  • Completed more Table Time Activities (in addition to a regular "W" tracing, dotting and puzzles) . . .
  • Listened to Mr. Kirk talk about his job at NASA and the Space Station . . .

In Small Groups with Ms. Motto, we . . .

  • We made a circle map of all the things we know about Space.  Each group came up with some interesting insights . . .

  • Colored and read a repetitive book about planets using color words practicing finger pointing (learning about words and one-to-one correspondence).
  • Counted space objects and wrote the number
  • Hunted and traced W and colored pictures that begin with it.
  • Completed a rocket picture (see below) that involved cutting, tracing and using a dropper to make the planet Earth (This project took us a few days to complete!).

This is the Teacher Sample.

  • Did a directed drawing of an astronaut and cut and drew craters on the moon. This project required fine motor and tons of awesome listening!!  They each turned out so unique and each individual drawing was terrific.

    I showed the sample  (Above) and demonstrated on the white
    board.  Students followed directions to draw their own.
    See the wall of projects below!
Free Choice Activities . . .


  • Monday 3/13 - Spirit Wear Monday
  • Friday 3/17 - We will watch the Musical, The Wizard of Oz 

  • Please do your best to arrive by 8:05.  It is really busy in the office for the secretaries with all of the late arrivals!